South Canoe Winter Grooming Program

The Shuswap is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers that have established a winter grooming program at the South Canoe Trails. Have a look at the links below to see how to help and keep track of current conditions.

Support Winter Grooming

Funds go towards maintaining the 2 snow dogs.

Friends of Winter Grooming

Thanks to these groups for helping bring winter grooming to South Canoe.

Best Practices for using Groomed Trails

Groomed trails can be difficult to maintain and use when not treated with love. See our Best Practices page for the ways you can help keep the groomers running well!

Here are some key ones for around here:

  • Do not ride on the groomed Larch Hills Nordic Ski Trails. LNHS grooms a ‘ski out’, down Town View/Lake View to just above Coffee Time.
  • Conditions are best when cold – this will give better grip and the trails will be firmer.
  • It is best to use wide tires at very low pressure – fat tires will not sink into the trails.
  • Groomed trails take a while to set in – give it 12hrs after a trail has been groomed to let it set.
  • Try not to post-hole the trails with your boots or shoes – this makes it difficult for both bikes and runners to use.

Hopefully that’s not too many ‘rules’! Have fun but also help make it fun for all.

Recent Trail Condition Reports

We will be trying to keep track of when and where the crew is out so you know what is running well!

Trail Conditions:

  • Snow Groomed = Snow Dogs have been through and it’s prime!
  • Snow Packed = Packed by snowshoes, boots, and/or tires.
  • Snow Covered = Trail has not been well used or maintained since recent snow falls.

Trail Condition Map

  • Use the radio buttons on the map to find recent reports. Within a day means that was when the condition report was submitted.
  • Join the Fat Bikers Facebook Group to get the lowdown and join the discussion. SCC members only, so renew today!

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