The Shuswap Cycling Club was started in April 2013. We are a non-profit society dedicated to Road Riding, Mountain Biking, Touring, and BMX. We really enjoy building and maintain trails. We organize fun events to bring the riding community together and teach people about biking, get them riding together, and raise awareness about biking.

From our Constitution pdf icon, our purposes are to:

  • Promote all disciplines of bicycling (BMX, Downhill, Mountain, Road, Touring) in the greater Shuswap area
  • Encourage and facilitate touring, races, bicycle outings, coaching and training and all forms of recreational bicycling activities
  • Defend and protect the rights of bicyclists
  • Advocate and act in the interests of the Shuswap cycling community with local and regional authorities
  • Secure a better understanding and recognition of the need for safer riding conditions
  • Encourage the allocation of facilities for bicycling on public lands
  • Cooperate with public authorities in the observance of all traffic regulations
  • Provide an opportunity for members to socialize with others who have an interest in bicycling
  • Recognize and promote bicycles as vehicles used for pleasure, fitness and transportation
  • Support and cooperate with other organizations with a similar goals and purpose

Getting your SCC membership is a great way to support the local cycling community.