April 13 Update:

So it looks like the weather will be lovely for a group road ride tomorrow (April 14). I suggest we meet at Skookum at 10, and leave by about 10:15. I will roll by the uptown Askews on the way down (around 9:55),  in case anyone wants to meet there, or in case they didn’t get this email in time. This will be a pretty casual ride, mostly for people to get to know one another.  I’m thinking out Silver Creek to the store, and maybe a loop of Yankee Flats if anyone is up for it.

Please feel free forward this message to other roadies that may not be part of the SCC, but please keep in mind that for insurance purposes, we ask that anyone joining us on a group ride have an active SCC membership.

WAIVER REQUIRED before participating. Please fill out the following form:


Thanks to Jim Maybee, we also have a club on Zwift (search for Shuswap Cycling Club). So far, we have not had a group ride yet, but if anyone is interested in doing a club ride/event on Zwift, please join the Zwift club and contact me via Zwift. I’m thinking we would just do an easy social ride to start, so we can all get to know one another first. We will probably use Discord to chat. SCC membership not required for Zwift rides.

– Cheers,  Peter