Thanks to everyone for your memberships! We are over 200 now and trending towards tipping our goal of 300. Here are the prize winners for the early bird draw, congrats all!

Prize Winner!
Skookum Gift Card Carlie Zacharuk
Skookum Gift Card Alanna Reece
Skookum Gift Card Kai Hansen
Skookum Gift Card Callum Reid
Skookum Gift Card Paul Muloin
Skookum Gift Card Frederik Vroom
Sweet Skills Entry Emma Archer
AnyTime Fitness Membership Maja Weisinger
WizBang Membership Stacy Chambers
WizBang Membership Finlay Mason
SCC Swag Pack! Zach Jewell

2022 Early Bird Prizes

One of Six $50 Gift Cards for Skookum Cycles

Entry to July’s Rubberhead Flow Sweet Skills Camp

3-Month Membership to Anytime Fitness

2-Month Membership to Whizbang Boxing