Another great night of mountain biking at Tuesday’s XC Race!

Kids were divided into categories and did a mass start loop starting at the party pit. The C category hit the Troll Bridge to Blizzard Hill, then half-way down PPT and back up the Climb Trail. The B category did the same loop but went up to the top of Banjoo first. The A category went even farther and added KC Connector, a short road climb, and Paranoia Right to the loop.

There were a few wrong turns and a couple small mechanicals, but all the racers demonstrated awesome effort and sportsmanship, helping others along the way. Great to see them all sprinting to the finish line!

Congrats to the stage winners Ella in category A, Reese in category B, and Nicole for category C!

Here are the full results:

Racer name Category Finish time Difference Place
Ella A 18:00.5 1
Trent A 20:10.3 2:9.8 2
Marika A 20:16.5 2:16.01 3
Aida A 20:43.3 2:42.8 4
Dreysen A 20:50.8 2:50.3 5
Dane A 20:57.5 2:57.01 6
Keegan A 20:59.5 2:59.01 7
Ryder A 23:47.6 5:47.1 8
Austin A 28:27.2 10:26.7 9
Reese B 13:36.4 1
Jayda B 14:44.4 1:08.0 2
Peyton B 17:08.8 3:32.4 3
Karis B 19:33.1 5:56.7 4
Nicole C 26:05.9 1
Tye C 27:21.6 1:15.7 2
Brantley C 27:22.8 1:16.9 3
Brodie C 28:26.7 2:20.8 4

The next race is the team/Enduro race. Kids are paired up, alternate turns on a short loop, and finish possible in the allotted time, like the Salty Dog.