Skookum Youth Race – DH and Final Results

The final race and final Skookum Youth Ride took place this past Tuesday. 16 kids lined up at the top of Flying Nun and had a rip against the clock. Afterwards they were treated to some burgers, lemonaide and draw prizes courtesy of Skookum.

Congrats to all the kids for a great season, it has been amazing to see the growth over the season and watch everyone get more confident and have more fun on the trails.

Thanks to all the kids for their great attitudes, the coaches for their encouragement and mentorship, and to the parents for keeping the bikes tip-top and helping herd kids.

Here is a link to all the results on Google Drive: Skookum Race Series Results.

Looking forward to next year, until then see you on the trails!

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Skookum Youth Race Series – XC Race Results

Another great turnout Tuesday evening at South Canoe for the Skookum Youth Race Series. This week was the XC race and we had 17 kids take a rip around various loops. Thanks to all the coaches and parents for helping organize and marshal!

Next week is the team enduro/relay a-la Salty Dog. See you then!


Place Racer name Category Finish time Difference
1 Aida Black 19:52.1
2 Jayda Black 21:08.7 +1:16.6
3 Reese Black 21:51.9 +1:59.8
4 Austin Black 23:26.8 +3:34.7


Place Racer name Category Finish time Difference
1 Owen P Blue 13:55.4
2 Kayden Blue 13:58.1 +0:02.7
3 Gideon Blue 14:13.9 +0:18.5
4 Brantley Blue 16:31.0 +2:35.6
5 Brody Blue 16:32.1 +2:36.7
6 Kai Blue 18:57.0 +5:01.6
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Skookum Youth Ride – Hill Climb Results

Thanks everyone for coming out to the first race of the Skookum Youth Race Series. We got out of there just before the storm!

Below are the results, or here at Webscorer. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week for the XC race.


Name Category Time Difference
1 Ryder Black 7:03.1
2 Reese Black 7:19.4 +0:16.3
3 Trayden Black 7:31.1 +0:28.0
4 Jayda Black 7:51.3 +0:48.2
5 Gideon Blue 8:17.8 +1:14.7
6 Kayden Blue 8:49.0 +1:45.9
7 Aida Black 8:54.7 +1:51.6
8 Owen P Blue 9:04.3 +2:01.2
9 Kai Blue 9:34.4 +2:31.3
10 Hannah Blue 9:54.3 +2:51.2
11 Brantley Blue 10:28.3 +3:25.2
12 Tye Blue 11:04.5 +4:01.4
13 Brody Blue 11:34.0 +4:30.9
14 Owen G Blue 12:21.1 +5:18.0
15 Laken
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Salty Dog Weekend

Looking forward to another Salty Street Fest and Salty Dog weekend and there is lots going on as usual!

May 10th – Pedal ‘n’ Pint Group Ride.

  • Join the staff of Skookum Cycle & Ski and your fellow competitors for a 2-3 hour ride and a post ride bevy and burger for $10.
  • To sign up send Skookum an email.

May 11th – Salty Street Fest

  • Bike Decorating (11AM)
  • 4H-Sponsored Scavenger Hunt (Details to come!)
  • Shuswap Pie Co. Pie Eating Contest (1PM)
  • Bike Swap (Drop off from 9-11AM; sales from 11AM-2PM)

Salty Dog 6-Hr Enduro

  • Registration is full for the 2019 Salty Dog but come out and cheer on the competitors.
  • There are also still opportunities to volunteer – Contact the race team if you can help!

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Okanagan 24 – New Race at Silver Star this Summer

Have a look at the newest race coming this summer. The Okanagan 24 is being organized in part by pro rider and Salty Dog regular (regular winner as well) Corey Wallace.

The race is located at Silver Star mountain June 29-30, at an elevation of 1,609 m (5,280 ft) that makes it Canada’s highest 24 hour mountain bike race.

24 hour and 4 hour mountain bike races which are for all levels of riding ability. The 24 hour race categories are competitive teams of 5, solo racers and corporate teams of up to 10. The 4 hour race will allow for solo racers only to compete.

Go to to register and for all the relevant details. Looks like a good one!

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Shuswap Cross This Weekend

The 2018 Shuswap Cross Cyclocross race is this weekend in Salmon Arm at Klhanai Park. This race is part of the Interior Cross Series and there are categories for all types of riders with all kinds of bikes!

We have categories for Elite, Intermediate Novice, Single-Speed, Juniors, and a separate FREE Kids race for rippers under 12. Adults are only $25, Juniors $16.

Race Day Schedule

09:00AM – Registration Opens

10:00AM-10:45AM – Morning Race
(Novices, Single Speed, U13/15/17s, Intermediate/Masters Women)

11:00AM – FREE Kids Race!

12:00AM-1:00PM – Afternoon Race
(Elites, U19s, Intermediate/Masters Men)

1:30PM – Awards!

Don’t feel like racing? Come out and cheer on the locals! Hope to see you there, should be perfect weather (unlike last year!) for slipping and sliding around the park.

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Youth DH Race and Overall Results

Tuesday was the final night of the Skookum Youth Rides for 2018 and the last race of the series, the prestigious DH!

20 kids lined up at the top of Flying Nun and had a rip in all time conditions on a beautiful night. Ella Mills set the pace with a 3:31 that would sit pretty well on the strava board! Traeden, Marika, Aida, and Trent also posted sub 4 minute times for the older kids. They also showed great leadership in hanging around the finish line and cheering on the rest of the crew as the crossed. Keegan, Dreyson, Dane, Ryder, and Austin also posted some serious times, nice work fellas!

For the B group, Max Calkins posted a 4:27 for the top time. Reese, Jayda, Peyton, and Karis were all close behind with great times and props to them for making all of the races!

Group C our were our youngest shredders and Brantley took top spot there with a blistering 6:14. Ya Brantley! Brodie, Tye, Annabel and Nicola also tamed the nun so congrats to all of you.

Full results are on

For […]

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Skookum Youth Ride Team Results

Beautiful evening and great turnout for the third race in the Skookum Youth Race Series. This one was the team event where kids partnered up and took turns completing as many laps as they could over 45min. Tremendous enthusiasm from all the kids cheering on their teammates and great effort all around as usual.

Looking forward to the last race of the season, the prestigious DH! Have a rip down Flying Nun and then stick around for a BBQ to celebrate a great season of riding.

Here are the results for the Team/Enduro race. They are divided into the various combos of rider categories and the loop length they rode: Category 1 were teams with riders in group A and B that rode the long and short loop. Category 2 were riders in Group A and C that rode the long and short loops, and Category 3 were the A and B riders that both rode the long loop. The first rider in the team name completed the odd numbered laps and the second rider did the even numbered laps.

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Skookum Youth Race – XC Results

Another great night of mountain biking at Tuesday’s XC Race!

Kids were divided into categories and did a mass start loop starting at the party pit. The C category hit the Troll Bridge to Blizzard Hill, then half-way down PPT and back up the Climb Trail. The B category did the same loop but went up to the top of Banjoo first. The A category went even farther and added KC Connector, a short road climb, and Paranoia Right to the loop.

There were a few wrong turns and a couple small mechanicals, but all the racers demonstrated awesome effort and sportsmanship, helping others along the way. Great to see them all sprinting to the finish line!

Congrats to the stage winners Ella in category A, Reese in category B, and Nicole for category C!

Here are the full results:

Racer name Category Finish time Difference Place
Ella A 18:00.5 1
Trent A 20:10.3 2:9.8 2
Marika A 20:16.5 2:16.01 3
Aida A 20:43.3 2:42.8 4
Dreysen A
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Youth Hill Climb Race Results

What a great first race for the Skookum Youth MTB Race Series. The racers flew up the climb trail at 15 second intervals to the party pit. Winners for this round were Ella in Category A, Reese in Category B, and Kai in Category C. Awesome effort and spirit from everyone, thank-you to those that made it out!

Here are the full results. We will be tabulating an overall winner in each category at the end of the 4 races. Thanks to Andreas Meerza for the sweet shot, and we will see everyone next Tuesday for the XC Race. If you missed the first one that’s totally fine!

Place Racer name Category Finish time Difference
1 Ella A 6:45.75
2 Marika A 7:18.22 +0:32.47
3 Trent A 7:28.94 +0:43.19
4 Reese B 7:54.32 +1:08.56
5 Aida A 7:58.93 +1:13.18
6 Keegan A 8:21.73 +1:35.98
7 Austin B 8:45.17
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