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Shuswap Cycling Club Society Constitution and Bylaws

Adopted: TBA

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Table of Contents

Shuswap Cycling Club Society Constitution

ARTICLE 1 – Name
ARTICLE 2 – Club Purpose

Shuswap Cycling Club Society Bylaws

ARTICLE 3 – Membership
ARTICLE 4 – Dues
ARTICLE 5 – Meetings
ARTICLE 6 – Quorum
ARTICLE 7 – Elections
ARTICLE 8 – Officers and Duties
ARTICLE 9 – Committees and Duties
ARTICLE 10 – Communication
ARTICLE 11 – Proxy Voting
ARTICLE 12 – Amendments

Shuswap Cycling Club Society Constitution

ARTICLE 1 – Name

The name of this Society shall be (the) Shuswap Cycling Club Society, also referred to as “The Club” in the following document.

1. In this document, unless the context otherwise requires:

− “Chair” means the President or Chairman
− “Officers” means the elected Executive
− Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa. Words importing the male person include the female person and vice versa

ARTICLE 2 – Club Purpose

The purpose of the Club shall be:
– To promote all disciplines of bicycling (BMX, Cyclocross, Downhill, Mountain, Road, Touring) in the greater Shuswap area.
– To encourage and facilitate touring, races, bicycle outings, coaching and training and all forms of recreational bicycling activities.
– To defend and protect the rights of bicyclists.
– To advocate and act in the interests of the Shuswap cycling community with local and regional authorities.
– To secure a better understanding and recognition of the need for safer riding conditions.
– To encourage the allocation of facilities for bicycling on public lands.
– To cooperate with public authorities in the observance of all traffic regulations.
– To provide an opportunity for members to socialize with others who have an interest in bicycling.
– To recognize and promote bicycles as vehicles used for pleasure, fitness and transportation.
– To support and cooperate with other organizations with a similar goals and purpose.

The Club shall:
– Maintain an ethos strictly non-sectarian, non-partisan, and non-profit. All money collected by dues or other means shall go to the treasury, and be used only for furthering the stated purpose of the Club. The Club will not engage in any activity contrary to its non-profit status.

– Operate in a strictly non-biased, inclusive and objective manner with respect to all partner organizations, businesses and shall not affiliate itself in any permanent or binding fashion with any organization that could cause it to contravene these principles.

Upon dissolution of the Society its property and assets shall be donated to a non-profit within the Shuswap area; of which said organization has similar purpose and objectives to the Society.

This provision of the Constitution is unalterable.

Shuswap Cycling Club Society Bylaws

ARTICLE 3 – Membership

Section 3-A

Regular Membership in the Club is given to dues-paid members who are 18 years of age or older. Those under 18 years of age must have written parental or guardianship approval. Regular members will be eligible to hold a Club office position and are entitled to full voting privileges. Each regular membership will receive the Club’s e-mails, ride schedules, and be eligible to participate in any Club sponsored activities. All Club members may cast one vote on Club matters.
In the case of group membership (Family, organization) those members who, having attained the age of 18 years, will qualify as Regular Members.

Section 3-B

A current copy of the constitution and bylaws will be available on the Club website.

Section 3-C

The membership of any active member who violates any provision of the constitution, bylaws or rules of the Club may be suspended or voided by a majority vote (two-thirds or 66%) of the officers. The member may petition to members at large to be reinstated by a majority vote at the next Club meeting.

Section 3-D

Membership is based on a calendar year, starting January 1st and ending December 31st

Section 3-E

Every member must uphold the constitution and comply with these By-Laws.
Any Club member may petition the Executive and ask for the removal of a club member. Such a request must be in person and presented to the Executive at a scheduled Executive meeting. A full explanation of why removal is sought must be provided. The general membership must be informed of pending actions against any Club member by notification of such action in writing to the Club prior to any such vote.

ARTICLE 4 – Dues

The dues amount will be reviewed by the Executive and voted on at the Annual General Meeting.

ARTICLE 5 – Meetings

The Executive Committee will meet as often as necessary, at a minimum bi-monthly.

– General Club meetings will be held on the last week of January, March, May, June, and September. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on or around the first week of November. All Club members are invited to attend Club meetings. Meeting locations and times will be publicized via email by the Secretary and on the Club website at least two weeks prior to each meeting. The Executive shall determine meeting location.
– Rules of Order shall apply to all meetings (such as, but not limited to, Robert’s Rules of Order).
– The accidental omission to give notice, or the non-receipt of notice, for a meeting, will not be grounds for invalidating meeting proceedings.
– There must be an agenda prepared following the approved template and copies distributed at the start of the meeting, and minutes shall be kept. (See attached format for meeting agenda).
– Non-members shall be afforded the right to speak at meetings, but only members shall discuss, bring forward motions, or vote on Club business.
– An individual can only attend one meeting without applying for membership in the Club.
– Executive Committee members should sit together and introduce themselves at the start of each meeting.

ARTICLE 6 – Quorum

A quorum for the purpose of conducting business at Club meetings shall consist of at least two (2) Executive Committee members and 15 regular members or 20% of the club membership, whichever is less.
A quorum for the purpose of conducting Executive meetings shall consist of 3 members of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE 7 – Elections

Section 7-A

Election of Club officers shall be held at the Annual General Meeting at or around the first week in November.
Notification of elections shall be sent out to the club via e-mail no later than one month prior to the AGM.

This e-mail shall;
1. Contain the Executive positions available.
2. Contain a description of Executive duties.
3. Inform the prospective Executive officers that they shall be expected to briefly outline why they would like to become an Officer of the club.
4. Call for a volunteer to fill the position of Elections Officer, who will act as an impartial third party and conduct business during elections.

Only those individuals who hold current membership in the club shall be eligible for nomination and election. A member who wishes to run for an Executive position but is unable to attend the AGM may be nominated in absentia.
The member should provide in writing an outline of why they would like to become an Officer of the club.
If more than one Club member volunteers for the position of Electoral Officer, the Executive Officers shall decide, by vote, who will fill the position.
The Electoral officer will decide the voting format, run the election process, and turn the meeting back over to the Chair at the completion of the election. The Electoral officer shall use Robert’s Rules of Order, or a similar system of rules and order, to set the nomination and elections format to ensure the process is binding and just.

Section 7-B

Members of the Executive Committee will serve for a term of one calendar year. Appointed Club positions shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Club and will also serve for a term of one calendar year.

ARTICLE 8 – Officers and Duties

The Officers of the Club shall consist of: President, Vice-President and Secretary, Treasurer
The positions of Vice President and Secretary may be combined into a single position if necessary. With a single membership vote if held by a single member.

Section 8-A

The Officers shall comply with the provisions of this constitution, any ratified constitutional amendments, by-laws, and rules ratified under the provisions of their constitution by Club members, in conducting the business of the Club. The Officers will maintain a written record of all meetings, which will be made available to all members.

Section 8-B

The Officers may be removed by the majority vote of the Club, as per Section 9E.

Section 8-C

The Vice President/Secretary shall keep apprised of the current membership list, and ensure club members attending regularly scheduled group rides meet the requirements of our insurance provider.

Section 8-D

The duties of the officers are as follows;
– Is a voting member of the Executive Committee.
– Is the chief operating officer of the Club with the power to initiate and direct Club policy subject to the approval of the Executive.
– Chairs the Executive and general membership meetings, or in the case of general meetings, may designate another member to chair the meeting on their behalf.
– Provides the Club with leadership and guidance in accordance with the purpose of the Club.

– Is a voting member of the Executive Committee.
– Substitutes for the President in his/her absence.

– Is a voting member of the Executive Committee.
– Books meeting dates for the year and sets location.
– Records minutes of all Club meetings.
– Carries out official correspondence for the Club.
– Furnishes an approved copy of minutes of all Club meetings to the Club.

– Is a voting member of the Executive Committee.
– Keeps a record of all financial transactions.
– Keeps Club cheque book and pays approved bills for which there is a receipt.
– Regularly reports on the Club’s financial status.
– Maintains the Club’s bank account(s).
– Files appropriate reports.
– Maintains Club membership register.
– Acts as signing authority on the Club accounts (with two other members of the Executive).

Appointed Position:
Webmaster: Is responsible for developing and maintaining the Club website as directed by the Executive.

Additional club members, who may function as a committee, may support these efforts

ARTICLE 9 – Committees and Duties

Section 9-A

The Executive Committee of the Club shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 9-B

The property and lawful business of the Club shall be held and managed by the Executive Committee, which shall possess all the powers and the authority as may be necessary to carry out the purpose and goals of the Club as limited by the constitution and bylaws. The Executive Committee shall solicit the input of the membership throughout the year and during general meetings for guidance on topics that are relevant to them.

Section 9-C

The duties of the Executive Committee members shall be such as their title by general usage would indicate, and such as required by law, or stated in this constitution and bylaws. The Executive Committee may perform an audit of the Club Treasury on an annual basis or more often if needed.

Section 9-D

All Executive positions are unpaid positions.
Members seeking Executive positions do so with this knowledge and seek their desired positions to help further the stated goals of the Club.

Section 9-E

If any member of the Executive Committee does not perform his/her assigned duties to a level stated by this document and expected by the membership, he/she may be removed from his/her office as follows.
Any Club member may petition the Executive and ask for the removal of an Executive Committee member. Such a request must be in person or in writing and presented to any member of the Executive. A full explanation must be provided of why removal is sought. The Executive will then meet and discuss further action. The general membership must be informed in writing of any pending action against an Executive member prior to any vote to remove the Executive member at a general Club meeting.
The President, or Vice President in the event that the action is sought against the President, with a simple majority approval of the Executive, shall have the authority to ask the general membership to approve the removal of any Executive Committee member from his/her position at any time, for any cause which the Executive shall deem adequate. It shall be necessary to identify such cause or reason in the records of the meeting. He/she may be removed from office by a simple majority vote by the members attending a Club meeting.
Any Executive Committee member removed from office shall not be eligible for reelection or reappointment to the Executive Committee for a period of one full calendar year after his/her removal. Upon removal from a position on the Executive Committee all documents and objects, which are the lawful properties of the Shuswap Cycling Club Society, and were in possession or assigned to the particular board member must be turned over to the Executive Committee in a timely fashion – not to exceed 14 calendar days.

Section 9-F

In the event of the removal or resignation of a member of the Executive, the Club membership shall be informed of the upcoming election for the position at least two weeks prior to the next Club meeting. In the event of the removal or resignation of a member of the Executive without two weeks’ notice, the remaining Executive Committee members shall appoint a temporary replacement for the vacated position subject to a simple majority approval by the general membership present at that Club meeting. The Club membership shall be informed of the upcoming election for the permanent position at least two weeks prior to the next Club meeting.

Section 9-G

The club can choose to appoint a Committee when the Membership deems a task or project too large to be reasonably undertaken by one individual. All actions of the Committee must be reported during the regular bi-monthly meeting (or on a more frequent basis if required). Funds may be disbursed to Committees by majority vote at a General Meeting.
The Executive may call an emergency meeting on the disbursement of funds, if it is deemed that the Committee will be unable to meet its goals without funds before the next general club meeting. Receipts must be provided to the Treasurer.

Section 9-H

The fiscal year end of the club shall be December 31st.

Section 9-I

The annual spending limit of the Executive Committee; President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, is limited to $100.00 per position. The disbursement of these funds by the Executive shall be by majority vote of the Executive committee, and shall take place at an Executive meeting. The Treasurer is empowered to disperse club funds in excess of $100, for insurance, keeping current with the Society’s act, for general and annual general meeting costs, and for other operating expenses. Further spending in excess of the amount of $100 per position requires a resolution passed by a majority of members at a Club meeting. All expenses must be approved before they are paid.

Section 9-J

All funds set aside for a specific purpose shall be left for said purpose in perpetuity. This provision of the Constitution is unalterable.

ARTICLE 10 – Communication

The Treasurer or Secretary or other member as assigned by the Executive Committee will be responsible for maintaining the Club membership list and email list. The Club membership list and e-mail list shall only be used by the Executive for club business, which includes but is not limited to, informing club members of activities, events, and/or general club notices. It shall not be used for promoting businesses or advertising. Members wanting to post activities or notices to the Club must send their email via the designate responsible for the email list.
Any controversial issues and/or correspondence will be discussed by the Executive Committee and must be approved by a majority vote (2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4; depending on the allocation of the Vice President and Secretary positions) prior to email distribution to the general Club membership.
A notice will be distributed to the membership by email early in the calendar year to advise of cycling events to be held in the Shuswap/ Salmon Arm area in the upcoming year. The notice will be amended throughout the course of the year as needed. The notice of events will also be published on the Club’s website and amended as required.

ARTICLE 11 – Proxy Voting

No proxy voting shall be allowed.

ARTICLE 12 – Amendments

Amendments to the constitution may be submitted by the general membership at a Club meeting. An amendment, after it has been discussed and approved by the Executive Committee, must then be ratified by a two-thirds (66%) majority of Club members attending the next publicized Club meeting after the proposed changes have been distributed by email and published on the Club website.